the allergy front

It’s dust mites. The treatment is a much cleaner environment, a nasal spray, and an antihistamine. The test was a piece of cake. 45 tiny pokes on the underside of my arms.

I’m really surprised I’m not allergic to stuff outside. I suppose I have a touch of hay fever periodically and since I’m already sick from the dust I mistakenly identify the offending allergen as pollen.

I go back in one month. She’s referred me to an ENT for the obstruction that hinders my breathing when I sleep on my back. Additionally, she thinks all the ear pain I’ve had over the years is TMJ, some sort of jaw joint problem. She said my ears looked fine and that if it was allergy or sinus related both of them would hurt instead of just one and that some sort of crisis would have happened long ago. So I’ve picked up another ailment. It’s one I can live with though, most of the time.

UPDATE: I’ve canceled the ENT appointment. TMJ and whatever else are things I can live with right now. I don’t need the stress of another ailment and the incumbent series of trips to the doctors offices.


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