summer strikes

We’re into the hottest part of our summer. Between now and the end of September it’s going to be miserable, probably all day everyday. Rarely we’ll get early morning reprieves. And once, a few years ago, we actually had a sort of cool snap in late August. Temps in the 80s with low humidity. I lived my entire life in the South and that’s the only time I ever recall all of August not being miserable everywhere other than the mountains of East Tennessee.

Usually the heat really fucks with me but not so far this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost weight? Once I get the allergy treatment going on I’m going to try and get back to being active. It’s ironic, but physical activity does me more good than just about anything and yet I absolutely hate most of the time. If it’s good for me, it probably doesn’t agree with me.

I’ve been entertaining thoughts of joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer to get me through the hottest part of the summer. I won’t do it unless I can get them to agree to a month by month, or perhaps quarterly membership. I’d like to get into the holiday season sub-160 and looking halfway decent. Chances of me doing that on my own are remote. I’d have a much better chance working out indoors. I bet the Y has monthly memberships, if nobody else will do it.


1 Response to “summer strikes”

  1. 1 Marissa July 17, 2008 at 11:24 am

    The Y near me is ridiculously expensive. My husband and I were at a gym but with gas prices, the trip wasn’t worth it anymore. And it was too crowded. Even with 90 degree weather, I’m forcing us to take walks around the block for about 25 minutes.

    As for the personal trainer, packages tend to be cheaper if you buy more sessions at once rather than month-to-month.

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