long day, and weekend, in store

With much of the family scheduled to arrive here later for a get together, I’m filled with dread. It’s entirely possible that more utterly-boring people will have never assembled in one place before. (Unless you consider the same band’s past meetings here.) Not one joke will be told, unless I tell it. Not one expletive uttered, unless I utter it. Not one drink will be consumed, unless I lose it. Not one interesting story will be shared, unless one considers gossip about their work and church mates interesting. And I’ll have to put up with Mom and the aunt all day until this torture session comes to pass. Fuck.

I’m trying to be civil. I’d been doing pretty well at being pleasant, or at least not nasty, until this morning. My threshold for the inane has been crossed, though, and now I’m just ready not to have to see any of the bastards for a few days. Of course I’ve got Mom for a four day weekend again. And this time I have my allergy issues grinding me down. I’m truly a tortured soul. At any rate, all I can do is stay away from the (brain) stems as much as possible. Wouldn’t do for me to cuss one of them down to the ground.


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