waiting mode

I called the internist this morning first thing. He’s gotten to be such a big-shot that they don’t even answer the phones at all over there anymore. Nope, if you want an appointment you leave the pertinent info on the answering machine and somebody will call you back. It didn’t take but about an hour but I don’t like that kind of bullshit. Anyway, I couldn’t even get in to see the nurse, much less say the doc, so I left another message on a different voice mail requesting referrals to an ENT and an allergist (if that’s the correct designation). It’s been at least five hours and I haven’t heard a peep. I suspect since all they’ll be getting out of the deal is bird dog fee, my health concerns are very low priority for them. If I new the first thing about shopping for another doctor I’d replace his goofy ass ASAP. The only person I really know anymore is the vet. I like him and his old lady but I don’t really want them to know I’m afflicted in the brain department. Don’t know why I give a flying fuck but I do, at least right now.

Poor Lilly is still in bad shape. Hopefully the super-duper antibiotics will start kicking that shit’s ass and soon. She’s been much worse at times but she was younger then. I just can’t stand the thought of that old hound suffering. Hopefully I’m at least a couple of years away from having to make the decision to put her down. Just thinking about it almost makes me cry. God damn.

My grandmother seems to be feeling pretty well. Her only complaint is that she’s sleepy. Sleepy we can live with. She’s made a very unexpected rally. I just hope it turns into an extended one. My aunt is coming down to stay with us and look after her for some period of time. I’m guessing about a week. She and her husband are in the process of building a monster mac-mansion made out of solid concrete to withstand even the most powerful tornado and an elevator so they can get their decrepit asses to the basement and second story. Why they feel the need for such a setup is beyond me. I’m just glad it’s at the other end of the state. Now if Uncle Mo Ron would just move to the orient I’d be in great shape. (Uncle Red’s a goof-ball but he’s good for my ego. He can stay.)


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