lilly to the vet’s (yet again)

The great hound and I are both suffering with allergies. My are upper-respiratory as long as I stay inside. If I get out and work in the yard I begin to itch. Lilly’s manifest in the form of skin problems. She’s still got what I call a skin infection on her back. Her underbelly is breaking out to but that’s looks more like her traditional display that something is in fact wrong somewhere in her world. I’ll give the local vet a crack at it. If he refuses to get aggressive I’ll have to take her to the dermatologist. I hope he’s still coming down here once a month. If not it’s a trip to either Auburn or LSU.

I’ve been having headaches, off and on, for a couple of weeks now. Something in the atmosphere is driving my allergies nuts and steroid-sniffers and Zertec and Claritin aren’t coming even close to getting the job done. I’m afraid it’s time for a trip to the ENT and/or allergist. This has been going on, in one way or another, for at least 10 years now. It’s pretty obvious, even to me, that it’s not going to work itself out. It’s amazing how crappy my health is and how I’ve managed to survive, barely, all the years with nothing but over the counter shit and heat and ice.

So a trip to the vet’s is looming large on the horizon. This afternoon I guess I’ll play the guitar and try to sing if the congestion in my head will cooperate. I think I’ll go ahead and schedule an appointment with the ENT. That seems like the place to begin. The allergist is the last resort.


1 Response to “lilly to the vet’s (yet again)”

  1. 1 misterbooks July 8, 2008 at 9:10 am

    You need to find a vetrallergist.
    As for your survival, only the good die young, so I guess we’re set for awhile huh?

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