benadryled to sleep

When I couldn’t go to sleep last night I got up after an hour and took two more Benadryl. That amounted to four over about two hours. About an hour and a half later that nice old drowsiness that’s been absent for awhile returned and I slept well for almost seven hours. Tonight if I want to go to sleep at 10 I’ll take two of the pills at 6:30 pm and two more about 8:30. That should put me to sleep right around 10. One can hope.

I’m still moderately dingy during the day and I suspect the Seroquel is the culprit. It’s like I’m so unfocused on what I might like to accomplish that I can’t get much done. I miss the good ole days when I just knew and did what I needed to do automatically. Of course the time always came when I didn’t want to do whatever it was anymore, but at least I’d enjoy a period of time feeling like I was competent.

At any rate I’ve got another 24 to push through. So far so good. Mom is relatively relaxed and is going to get outside. The storms aren’t here yet. It’s actually mostly sunny. When they pop up though, they can do it in just minutes. One of the joys of living on the Gulf Coast is our rapidly changing and utterly unpredictable weather. I hate it. I still harbor fantasies about moving to the high desert in some future life but the odds of that are probably similar to those for my piloting the space shuttle. At least it’s bearable here for nine months out of the year and actually nice for six of those. I could be stuck in Miami or some other sweltering hell hole.


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