good start

Somehow I’ve gotten off to a good start today. It’s surprising because I had a pounding sinus headache that woke me up off and on all night. I finally staggered to the kitchen and took something. Woke up almost two hours later pain-free.

I picked a few blueberries first thing. After all the rain the bushes are still wet so I didn’t get into them good. I’ll try again this afternoon or in the morning. I walked for a tad over 45 minutes. It’s my nature to overdo things and I almost stretched the walk out. It’s too hot though and I’m not acclimated to the heat yet.

Grandmama feels good today, at least so far. I’m going to try and get her to dress out and walk around the yard, but odds are she won’t, at least not until this afternoon. She needs to do something or she’ll just fall deeper into the pit.

After my big plans yesterday I never left the house. I’d like to get out today, but I’m probably going to decide I’d like avoiding the world a little bit more.

At any rate, considerably less groggy today. Hopefully I’ll adjust to this new med regimen and get some mileage out of it. It would be great to be stable for a year or so, or at least I think it would. I never have been so I can’t say for sure.


1 Response to “good start”

  1. 1 GentlePath July 1, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Just thinking about picking berries makes me smile.

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