rained out

We’re definitely in the midst of one of our rainy seasons. Seems like every year an early June drought is shattered by a week or two of pop up thunderstorms that last almost until July. Another rainy season is August, especially the latter half, where a summer shower every afternoon is the norm. And of course if we get a tropical storm, well, lets just say we don’t have droughts and cyclones in the same year.

I cleaned up my room this morning. It wasn’t especially filthy. With three dogs, however, hair accumulates and quickly. I was literally just finishing up when the Reds showed up. Uncle Red, who is about half as smart as he thinks the is, was making sarcastic remarks to the effect of “well here we are”. I don’t know what, beside malice is in his tiny mind, but I’d bet Mom said something to him about helping out with his mother. So he’s showed up over three days in a row, unannounced and without volunteering to do anything other than be an opinionated imbecile. I rarely stick around long enough to have to interact with him (and her) for more than a very few minutes. I just can’t stand the sight and sound of the bastard.

Dollar the pit bull-lab mix halfway attacked Lilly the basset this morning. If she ever hurts either of my other two dogs again we’ll be having the cleaning .380 accident before the dust settles good. It’s unfortunate. She’s a sweet dog and gentle with people, and even the other dogs, when she wants to be. IMHO, though, and based solely on anecdotal info and my experience with Dollar, if they’ve got pit bull in them, they are tragedies waiting to happen.


1 Response to “rained out”

  1. 1 etta June 28, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Hang in there, PJ!
    Hang in there! Sounds like you are doing remarkably well considering the chaos about you.
    Just hang in there!
    I’ll include you and your grandma in my prayers-

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