waiting on social worker

Shit happens I guess but I’m not especially pleased I haven’t heard from the social worker who told me last evening she’d be over around 8:30. Can’t be too pissed since it’s entirely possible that’s not what she said, I actually even spoke with her. So I’m in a holding pattern.

I was thinking seriously about backing Grandmom in the battle to oust the hospice. I mean, I wouldn’t want those motherfuckers around either unless I was literally at death’s door, and probably not then either. Anyway, reality set in the in form of the craziness that is my mom and grandmom. Per doc’s instructions Grandmama has been taking only one of the two blood pressure pills she normally takes. This have been going on about a week and I thought everybody was on the same page. The hospice actually got this particular ball rolling and had it all set up. The doc even called us to tell about it.

At any rate, somebody forgot to tell Grandmama. And of course her pressure has shot back up, which she didn’t bother to tell anybody until me about an hour ago. God damn. Trust and communication are way down on the list of priorities for Faulkneresque family. I’ve decided if Grandmom wants to cancel the hospice, she can do it. I think we need someone sane to peer into this asylum periodically. I’m fucking sorry.


1 Response to “waiting on social worker”

  1. 1 misterbooks June 26, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Yes sir, Hospice is definatley a last call situation. And I suggested it because of previous posts. So being out of the loop, I hope I didn’t cause more harm than good. I guess it comes down to the doctors diagnosis, your grams health, and your need for assistance.
    Just be yourself and follow your heart. Pray on this too…even if you’re not into prayer at the moment. Give a shout out to the head cheese or some positive vibes to your brood.
    Of course, you know our rule, do as I say not as I do…

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