lonesome rudy

Rudy is calling way too much for my liking. I’m thinking I may have to pull the old born-again trick on him if he keeps it up. There’s no quicker-surer way to get anybody to leave you alone than to start bugging them about Jesus. Work likes a fucking charm.

I’m not big on the whole guile thing but the only reason I can figure him calling me is because he really hasn’t been smoking crack. His old lady is being tested randomly and if she tests positive it’s back to prison for her. Rudy almost certainly knows I don’t give a shit if she’s locked up or not and figures he could blame a binge and her subsequent incarceration on me. I’d love to take credit for it but I have to do so without actually having to go on a prodigious rock smoking. Price too high.


1 Response to “lonesome rudy”

  1. 1 beartwinsmom June 16, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    It’s time to pull the holy-roller card. Preach it, brother!! ;-)

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