walking on eggshells

Sis held her piece about as long as she could. Little bits of extreme nastiness are oozing our her like puss from an infected puncture wound. She simply can’t help herself. As heartless as she is it’s hard to imagine but maybe she’s feeling some of the stress of being in close proximity to someone whose life is slipping away.

My grandmother is doing terrible. I’ll be surprised if she’s still alive this time next week. I don’t know how I’ve stood it this long. I don’t how people manage to suffer alongside loved ones for months and years on end. Most chicken-shit-mother-fuckers bolt at the first signs of potential inconveince or expense. Sadly, if I had any options, I might very well not be here either.

This seems to have fallen to me though. I probably deserve worse, if there is such a thing. For the record, those of you shooting for extreme old age — you’re fucking up. I foresee lots of old folks littering the streets as the bottom continues to fall out of the house of cards that is the US economy. We’ll look the other way, just like we have with the mentally ill for almost 30 years now. One day soon the long-lived among us will be sleeping under the stars and panhandling for hearing aid battery money. It’s a bad road. We turned off onto it long ago.


2 Responses to “walking on eggshells”

  1. 1 paisley June 15, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    amen on the die young thing… fuck all that wilting and rotting … not me honey…

  2. 2 misterbooks June 15, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Fuck it’s all the medical corp. doings anyways….extend our lifes with medical money wonders, and then prolong our lives via more medical money wonders….we are living too long now, by chemical means. I’ve been to too many nursing homes. Told my wife to shoot me if I ever get bad enough for one of those…..Praying for peace for you and gram.

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