charlie brown strikes back

My venture into the blueberry bushes was short lived. It’s rained a good bit down here in the last couple of days and I just wasn’t into soaked to the skin for a few cups of berries. I got most of them yesterday. They’ll be loaded tomorrow or the next day and maybe I’ll try again.

Now that I’m not on any SSRIs the mosquitoes again find me palatable. So if I’m to be out for more than just a few minutes I bathe in deet. They will almost carry a man off if he’s off a mind to try and tough it out. Anyway, I called the pickin’ off after five minutes or so and changed plans to no plan that nevertheless began with a shower. When I was drying off afterward I noticed one of my eyes was pretty bloodshot. I didn’t think anything about it. About an hour later it was bothering me just a little so I washed it out with an eyeglass several times. About an hour after than I had the opthomologist on the phone. By the time I got in to see him if was totally blood red to the outside and was quite painful and sore to the touch on my face around the eye.

Bottom line; eye infection with why and where as mysteries. Drops four times a day for eight days, possibly 10 if it’s not 100% after eight. I’ve never had anything like this before. By the time I got home with the drops I was having a fair amount of trouble seeing out of the damn thing. It’s feeling a little better, whether it’s the drops or the codeine I can’t say. Anyway, I have a new appreciation of what it would be like to have to drive with only one good eye. It would be hard and probably next to impossible to do so safely in high-traffic areas. I don’t think I’m going to lose the damn thing this time though.

Oh, another southern culture tidbit for you folks who find that sort of thing amusing. While I was picking up the drops this loud-chunky-former-rock-n-roll babe was ahead of me in line. She was on, at least in her mind. Carrying on with the pharmacist and the chicks that work with him. She volunteered for all who cared to know that she was uninsured and had had to cancel her latest doctor’s appointment because she hadn’t gotten over the damage a recent MRI had done to her purse. While she’s telling all/everybody about this I began to take a sort of inventory of all the tattoos she had that were visible in her fully clothed state. I counted 12 plus big ones on her legs and arms. Many southerners will choose tattooing over dental care but I think this was the first one I’ve encountered who takes tattoos over any and all healthcare. We walked out more or less together (on accident) and I got a glimpse of her teenage daughter hanging around the parking lot in her South Alabama road whore garb. Smoking of course. Lips engorged from something and I’m guessing collagen injections. There were four kids between toddler and primary age but I got out of there before I could try and discern who’s they were. I’m sure their mother’s wonder that from time to time too. God damn.


2 Responses to “charlie brown strikes back”

  1. 1 beartwinsmom June 11, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    Oh that just totally ticks me off about people like that. Where’s their priorities? Definitely not on taking care of themselves, nor their families. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. 2 angryballerina June 12, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Just when I started to miss the south again, you had to go n post this.
    I’m gonna go floss my teeth.

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