Canceled the walk this morning. If I’m to do it, it’s going to have to be late as opposed to early. Even though it’s something I enjoy, I dread the prospect of it all night if it’s something I’ve to face first thing. I’m going to try and go this evening after 8ish. Maybe even after 9 pm. It’s either then or continue trying to go after 8 am and it’s pretty friggin’ hot by 8. I don’t know. At least I’d be able to see stuff if I went in the heat.

The finger-tips on my left hand are blistered big-time. Hopefully they’ll start toughening up soon. They’re at the point now where I can’t do much more than try and force a few chords and/or scales, strictly in an attempt to facilitate the calluses coming on. I’ve started looking at Garage Band and it’ll suffice to cut tracks on if and until I decide I might need something more. In truth it’s probably more than enough for my needs. A decent mic will be order unless the built in omni-directional thing is much better than I imagine it is. Something to do.

So I’m in a fugue state, albeit a stranded one, and it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon. I’m going to nap after I eat lunch. Then I have to go to the vet’s to pick up some more antibiotic and shampoo for the dogs. Lilly is still pretty scaley. Roscoe is much better. I’ll bathe them in the gold-dust shampoo tomorrow and see how they look. Damn it feels like my mind is operating in molasses. Or mud.


1 Response to “dragging”

  1. 1 misterbooks June 9, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    Took my kids for a walk yesterday afternoon, about a mile. It was freaking hot out, but they were prepared, and some storms were rolling in, which was cool. Keep on playing that geetar, and build up those fingers. No pain, no gain…….yeah right! Keep on writing, blogging, poetry, geetar, whatever inspires you. Your an inspiration to us, so keep on trucking.

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