close to catastrophe

This morning I’ve nearly been struck-drunk. A combination of things are afflicting. Still not getting nearly enough rest. New, relatively severe (at times) pain in my right leg that appears to be shaping up as something else ridiculous I have to more or less live with. To top it off, the asshole internist I see can’t see me until June 12th! Honestly, what is a mother-fucker supposed to do in the mean-time?

Beats the hell out of me. I do know I somehow remembered a hit of dope Rudy and I dropped in my car some two years ago now. I bet I could find it if I looked really hard. Better yet, just go over to Rudy’s and load up. I have to keep reminding myself no matter who bad it is right now, I can make it exponentially worse, and in an instant. Damn.

So I’ll stick pretty close today. Very little sleep, pain, and the other stressors are the making of a death-binge. Hopefully not today though. I’ll have to be content to pace and hate myself, docs, and God — pretty much in that order. Oh, and I can’t pace because of the leg. Shit.


2 Responses to “close to catastrophe”

  1. 1 angryballerina May 21, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    You are suppose to call them back and KINDLY explain that you are in a lot of pain and if they don’t put you on a wait list or squeeze you in somewhere you are going to kill yourself.

    or go the the ER and get some pictures taken and make sure everything is in order.

  2. 2 astramillie May 22, 2008 at 5:08 am

    Call the doc and ask to be put on the waiting list, and then if it is really bothering you go to urgent care not er (you’ll be there for days, its not enough of an emergency). Be as polite as you can, but be assertive. Its called the squecky wheel approach. I learned from the master – my grandmother, I watched her return a bathing suit (which at that time no one took back)at one store because another department store had just put the identical one on sale. I’ve gotten a lot of things done in my favor that supposedly were impossible. I think they either realize you are really in pain, or you annoy the hell out of them so they give in. Most receptionists in Northern California, well some in Indiana and Chase Student Loans fear me.


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