does a cat have an ass?

Another virtually restless night. The only difference is that on top of being tired, now I’ groggy too. Not really bad. Sort of like a mild benzo hangover or something. I’m thinking the reason that on one out of the three Seroquel XR 200 (x 2) I actually got some rest was because I supplemented it with a muscle relaxer. Anyway, I’m tired and cross and have a lot to do (for me).

One of the dogs is still sick. Won’t eat. Will shit and puke. She’s definitely going to the vet. Big Lilly is sort of broken out and red on her underbelly. Maybe I’ll get a two-for-one sort of a deal if I take both of them. If there’s no appointment before 10 available I’ll probably just drop them off up there. That way I can deal with the mess more or less at my convenience, as can the vet.

A walk would be on the agenda this morning but I’m not so sure at the moment. My right leg is still not right. I think it has to do with my separation from Welbutrin or doubling up on Seroquel but it’s possible I hurt it and didn’t realize it at the time. Push comes to shove I’ll do a snail’s pace stroll after supper tonight.

I still need to find a pair of slippers. Actually what I want is an inexpensive pair of flip-flops but not quite as inexpensive as the set I got at Wal-Mart on Saturday. I didn’t know a flip-flop could hurt your foot but they sure as hell can. I think I’ll hit the sporting goods store near the shrinks to have a peek.

Additionally I’m in the market for a man-bag. Since I got the MacBook Pro a little over two years ago I’ve intended to get something along the lines of a heavy duty backpack. I do have a nice leather laptop/brief case that I’ve used and have concluded it’s more than adequate for my computer. It’s cumbersome though and I want something a lot sleeker for daily use.  What I still want is something to carry my shit it. Fanny packs are out. I wear them on the walks to keep water and other essentials in. They simply won’t do about town, at least not for me. I just want something I can stick keys, glasses, pills, notebooks, paperbacks, wallet, phone, etc. in and keep it there. When it’s time to butt heads with the crazies I’ll just grab it and away I’ll go. I think it’ll help with the stress of trying to prepare to go off base. eBags on the Internet has a million of them but I really don’t think I’m lucky enough to pick out something this personal without having examined it first. Since they do 100% refunds and free return shipping, I guess I could get a couple or so and compare them.


1 Response to “does a cat have an ass?”

  1. 1 zeynepankara May 19, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Ummm… I donno… :)

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