off balance, outta sink, all thumbs, wrong side of the bed, …

Last night was the worst, sleep wise, in awhile. Since the relatives have been here I’ve been spending almost all my time back in my room. One of the negative consequences of this is that Lilly the basset hound hasn’t been getting her fair share of “dad time”. She was unconsolable by 8 last night. So I broke with protocol and let her come back to my room. Give her and inch and she takes a mile,  and pretty soon she was trying to rare up on my bed. When she does that she expects me to grab her by her hind legs and hoist her fat ass up there. So I did.

To make a long story short, Lilly takes her half more than out of the middle. I was sleeping on the very edge of the bed with her giant paws in my back. (Pushing against something while stretching is one of her favorite activities.) That, coupled with Roscoe manning the foot of the bed as close to my feet as is dogly possible meant I was destined for a rough night. And so it was.

It’s over now though. The relatives are gone, thank god. And while the damage to this particular day is irreversible, I should be getting over it by tomorrow. I’ll spend today adjusting and readjusting things in my room and bathroom. Maybe it’ll eventually work to soothe my spirit. Tomorrow’s another day and hopefully I’ll be 90% fresher by the time my feet hit the floor in the morning.


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