getting it did

So far today I’ve been grudgingly productive. Mostly trying to declutter my room which has consisted or rearranging and transferring stuff from one spot to another, or even upstairs.

I’m a little edgy today. Not sure it it’s my typical Sunday blues or whether I’m hungover, emotionally, from a long and fairly difficult week. No matter. It’s cleared up and doesn’t feel too muggy out. I’ve got a long walk to look forward to this evening. Look forward too is definitely the right word — miracles never cease.

Relatives coming to see Grandmama for a couple days late tomorrow. They’re not too bad. They’re two-faced but I’ve come to expect that in all but the rarest cases with the right-wing, evangelical types. Now that I have my show setup strictly for me and Roscoe’s enjoyment back in my room, I can pick and choose the times I actually have to engage them. They’ll be few. I’ve got several things I want/need so as much as I detest shopping, Tuesday is looking like a promising day for it.

I’ve wondered why it’s so quiet about the sphere today and it finally dawned on me it’s Mother’s Day. Made up holidays to benefit the retail industry aren’t my thing. Nevertheless, best wishes to all you moms out there. If my siblings and I are at all indicative, it’s a thankless job. Just remember you brought it on yourselves.


1 Response to “getting it did”

  1. 1 beartwinsmom May 11, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    “Brought on yourselves”… um… doesn’t it take two to tango? (wink). Yes, you are incredibly right, it is a thankless job. But, when I think of life without my twins, I can’t picture my life without them. They are the reason why I’m holding on.

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