“bits” and “not a chance”

I posted a couple of, well, I guess there some sort of poems at ADPS. Wrote them, such as they are, while still in the bed wetting phase of detoxing from a ton of psychotropic dope. I was also coming back to earth after a fairly substantial crack and booze binge that went on for about a month. “Thought that it would kill me but I’m alive”, or was last time I checked, and for the first time in along time I think that’s a pretty good deal.


1 Response to ““bits” and “not a chance””

  1. 1 patientanonymous May 7, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    It’s always good to try and write if you can. Or if you want to. It really depends.

    Some people do it for therapeutic reasons, some people do it for a living, some people like me do it just for fun and say, “Hey, it would be pretty cool to get published.”

    I’ve had times where shit has just flown out of me and I actually haven’t really thought it was shit! I’m not very good at poetry…I struggle with it but one was done within the span of about…I don’t know…two minutes and I only had to edit one word!

    Other things…similar…just whips right out of me. Other times as a lot of writers will say, you will just sit and stare at that blank screen and a cursor or (if you’re old school) a blank page and typewriter keys/the pen you’re holding in your hand.

    Just write, I say. If you’re a pro, you’ve got your deadlines and such but if you’re not, just go with the flow.

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