and that’s the way it is

Bomarzo left me a comment recently. Somehow we’d gotten our wires crossed so I replied and tried to set the record straight. I filed the incident away under forgettable and forgot it. But it’s bubbled back to the surface. It has caused me to realize just how difficult it is to discuss “symptoms” of an illness unless everyone involved is on exactly the same page.

As a result I’ve begun to wonder if what I’m dealing with is actual fatigue, or perhaps something else, namely somnolence? Psychiatrically speaking, is there even a  difference in the two? I’d nearly decided that yes, I was in fact confusing being sleepy with being exhausted. Then, after an out of character morning walk, I had to lay down so as not to fall down. I was just completely spent mentally and physically. It’s a kadumbdumb and I’m unable to fathom what’s actually going on.

At present I’m waiting on the termite man. Waiting. It’s not like I have anywhere I need or even want to be. But I hate waiting. Can’t relax for whatever reason.

My stomach is acting up again. I’ve never really gotten straightened out since the great colonoscopy purge. Guess I’ll try chugging Citrucel for a few days and see if that helps.

Lastly, if someone could help me out with a nursery rhyme-like rule for the proper usage of “effect” and “affect”, I’d really appreciate it.


3 Responses to “and that’s the way it is”

  1. 1 misterbooks April 11, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    Good Lord, your not making fun of me for my lack of grammar and its effect, or is it affect, on my writing? ;) I can get so lazy with the old grey, or is gray, matter upstairs. If you told me flat out, and gave me a nursery rhyme to go with it, I would probably forget by the morn.

  2. 2 bomarzo April 11, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    Yeah, I think perhaps I confused you with someone else regarding our cross-wires. Then again, I could have sworn it was you. But, I looked, and couldn’t find anything that jogged my memory. Perhaps it was in a dream? Who knows. My bad.

    My understanding is that fatigue is an state or episode of overall mental/physical exhaustion, during which physical symptoms are produced, and various affective and experiential states occur, such as somnolence. Ugh.

    “The arrows affected the aardvark. The effect was eye-popping.” (

  3. 3 Prester John April 12, 2008 at 8:54 am

    misterbooks – I was never any good at grammar. It’s so left-brained. Technical type definitions aren’t my thing. I can remember affect or effect is used as a noun, but I can never remember which one. (I think bomarzo has solved that problem for me.) “Strategy” and “tactics” are a couple of terms that I can understand the difference when reading it in a dictionary but withing five minutes can no longer differentiate. It’s pretty easy to avoid using those two. Not so affect and effect.

    bomarzo – You’re take on fatigue sounds right to me. I tend to forget how precise the language of various disciplines are and how difficult that makes communication.

    Thanks for the tip and link. Maybe my grammar will be less Bushesque in the future.

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