anyone for art?

Artist, and I’m not using the term lightly, artist Mr. Rick Mobbs has come up with a way for the creative types among us to have some fun. Rick is a painter, among other things, and I love his work. I don’t know enough about painting to begin to comment on it intelligently. I will say his work speaks to me. Not sure I understand what it’s saying, but it sure sounds good. Shoot over there and check out his stuff and see how you can, in conjunction with Rick, flex your creative muscles. A word of caution. Rick is obviously a heavy. It stands to reason some of his readers are too. You might want to look before you leap.


1 Response to “anyone for art?”

  1. 1 rick mobbs April 3, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    oh, go ahead and leap!

    (it’s all in fun.)

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