Haven’t been sleeping well for several nights. The schedule is going pretty well. I usually stay up at least until 9 and almost never past 10:30. I get up between 6 and 6:30. Lately I don’t have any trouble going to sleep. Then I wake up after two or three hours and sort of toss and turn the rest of the night. Getting up is no trouble because I haven’t been sound asleep in hours. I may have to see if the shrink will give me some Trazadone or something. Actually, the problem is at least partially due to my back and my sinuses. (Sleep apnea?)

Spent a fair amount of time (hours) designing my mood tracking charts. I used the gimp. Years ago I was pretty handy with it. Haven’t used ii since ’03 or ’04. Back then I was running Slackware Linux and that’s a little different from OSX. I’ll be subjecting you them at some point.

My back was hurting pretty bad by sundown. Not unbearable, but certainly unpleasant. I rooted through a bunch of stuff looking for my Betty Ford memorabilia. I finally found what I was looking for – a journal I was required to keep during my treatment. I also found a few pages of a journal I kept during one of the “lost” years. It spans September ’85 through May ’86. On the first page I was writing about my two friends that died last October. All the reaching into boxes and up onto shelves didn’t help the back pain.

It started when I sharpened all the kitchen knives. Mom’s been after, probably for a year, to sharpen them. I guess there were 20 or so. That, the rooting around in boxes, and making supper amped the pain on up there. I got off my feet right after supper and it’s already much better.

I forgot to weigh this morning. Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow.

Sadly, that about covers it.


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